Jay has spoken at events focused on B2C, B2B, marketing, sales, HR, and executive leadership, to industries ranging from tech startups and auto to construction and higher ed.


The goal of these session descriptions is to give attendees some guidance both on conference programs and in marketing materials beforehand.

Here are a few potential topics...



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How to escape the cycle of conventional thinking and trendy tactics to see better results

These days, whenever we need results, we can instantly find some best practices. We can follow the smartest gurus. We can glom onto the latest trends. Every day, more of this well-meaning advice floods our world. In response, we work tirelessly to adapt and adopt, but in the end, our results and our personal fulfillment are just okay. Not the best -- like we were promised.

We are trapped. We’re trapped in a never-ending cycle of best practices, conventional wisdom, and trendy tactics. We are stuck on an ever-spinning wheel that leads us straight to the one place we don’t want our careers or companies to be: average. That is the danger of this wheel.

So what does it take to be exceptional? How can we see better results and experience more satisfaction in our work?

We need to break the wheel.

In this fast-paced, inspiring talk, keynote speaker and Unthinkable Media founder Jay Acunzo will hand you a sledgehammer. You’ll learn how to think differently about building your career and business. You’ll hear inspiring stories about those who questioned the conventional to generate better results. You’ll discover why the unconventional path is the smart one and how to embrace the mental disciplines that empower people who break the wheel. In the end, nobody wants to settle for average results or so-so fulfillment. It's time we bridged the gap between good and great. It's time we stopped obsessing over everyone else's answers and learned how to find our own.

It's time to break the wheel.

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How Great Leaders Spark Big Movements (Without Needing Big Budgets)

When it comes to convincing others that our message is important, we all seem to start in the same place: the facts and figures. We have the data to prove our point, and we use it to push our message.

The only problem is, the audience we're trying to reach doesn't seem to be listening. They're not buying. They're not budging. Simply not enough people are changing their behavior at a fast enough rate.

Here's the deal: reasonable arguments don’t spark change, and there's no such thing as an overnight revolution. In fact, messages that trigger widespread action don't convert everyone all at once. Instead, real change relies on sparking reform by inspiring your true believers — a small number of people reacting in big ways.

You don't need more facts. You need better stories. You need initial traction — the key to any big movement.

In this inspiring keynote, award-winning podcasters and former Google media strategist Jay Acunzo will show you how those with few resources inspire movements bigger than themselves. He’ll take you outside our echo chamber and show you how underdogs come out on top, and how teams bridge that gap between knowing the facts and convincing others to heed them.

In this fast-paced talk, you’ll learn how widespread change starts with attempts to attract the first few. And you’ll walk away ready to stop playing IN your community and start SHAPING it, not by reaching others, but by resonating with them.

Together, we'll discover how a little traction can spark a big movement.



Some events will ask if I offer breakouts after my keynote. I love doing these and currently focus on these two topics: 



How to Hold Attention & Create Superfans in the Era of Distraction

"Launching a podcast" is the new "starting a band" — everybody's doing it, and everybody dreams of being the rockstars at the top. A few weeks later, you're struggling to keep it going, and your product sounds like it was made in a garage. Worse, everybody is trying to play the exact same song — there's so much sameness!

Yes, podcasting is really freaking hard. If done right, however, your show can be a powerful vehicle to achieve multiple tough-to-accomplish goals: holding audience time and attention, fueling your channels with endless content pulled from the show, and developing meaningful relationships with both your listeners and your guests.

But you simply can't fake this. You're exposed. You have to master the mechanics of great storytelling and interviewing. No amount of tech and no secret tactic can save you.

In this practical-yet-entertaining workshop, award-winning podcast host and original series creator Jay Acunzo will deconstruct what makes the best podcasts soar. You'll dive deep into the component parts of launching a successful series concept, and you'll walk away inspired to grab the mic, launch your show, and become the apple of your audience's eye — err, ear.

Get ready to become a podcast master.



Why Others Don't Buy Your Ideas (and How to Fix That)

I know what you’re thinking: The reason we’re not doing better work isn’t me -- it’s them. The boss, the team, the budget, the demands of the everyday, or the “way we do things” in this industry — they all contribute to the friction you feel whenever you push to do things the right way.

How in the heck can we stop thinking and convincing and testing and just start DOING better work?

Well, it turns out that the things that fuel our desire to improve our approach are the very same things that hurt our ability to get buy-in and execute. But here’s the thing: The solution isn’t more budget or newer tech. It’s not a better boss or colleagues. It’s not a more innovative product or a more forward-thinking industry. It’s something much more in our control: the way we communicate our ideas to ourselves and others.

In this powerful and practical breakout session, award-winning podcaster and former Google and startup brand-builder Jay Acunzo will help you turn inspired ideas into buy-in and action. You'll deconstruct the problems preventing us from getting buy-in and learn the mental models you can use to find what makes you an exception from peers … and convince others you should deploy that in your work. In the end, you’ll walk away ready to stop selling your ideas and start sharing why your ideas should exist.

We all want to do better work. It’s time to go from sick and tired to fulfilled and inspired, to the benefit of our careers, our companies, and our customers.